Health and Well-being

The Health and Well-being project takes a holistic approach to promote positive mental, physical and emotion health and wellbeing through classes and activities. The project reduces social isolation for women by providing a group setting and helps build confidence by sharing knowledge and skills in a creative way.

Many women who participate in this project often build confidence and gain a sense of achievement when they finish the project, and often go onto complete further courses in the Centre and beyond.

Some of the courses we have run include:

• Crafts such as sewing, crochet, ceramics, mindfulness painting, glasshouse art, and wreath making
• Wellbeing classes such as mental health awareness, mindfulness, women’s emotional health and complementary therapies
• Exercise activities such as Zumba, Bootcamp, walk & talk, and chair-based exercises
• Awareness workshops such as diabetes awareness, fraud, breast screening, boosting your immunity and more!
• Group activities such as the allotment project and walking groups

To see our most recent activities, visit our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or you can contact us for information and to sign-up on 028 9024 0642.