Summer scheme

The centre provides a summer scheme which is assessable to women who use the facilities within the centre during the year.

It operates for five weeks in the summer for children aged 5/11 years and is funded by Belfast City Council. The young people are given an opportunity to participate and to engage with others, to learn and develop through play, to be encouraged and empowered to feel the freedom that the summer scheme provides.

The summer scheme programme aims to provide high quality learning and play environment for the children as well as a broad balanced curriculum that address the needs of the children in all areas of their development and will ensure continuity and advancement of their intellectual and social development.

The scheme facilitates children from the Shankill area and also the greater Belfast area and beyond, this enables the children to meet and gets to know children from outside their own area.

The aim of the summer scheme is that parents have rest bite during the summer months and the children taking part will benefit and learn new skills, have fun make new friends but also enjoy their time with us.


You can access information on this project by contacting
Irene Glassey
Childcare Manager
028 90 240642