Shankill Women's Center Summer Schemes

5 September, 2013


The Shankill Women's Centre's dedicated childcare team have drawn up a programme that was put together specifically to suit the needs of the children  (aged 5 - 11) and the accessibility and manageability for the parents throughout the summer months.

The five week programme incorporates offsite trips,swimming activitied and controlled workshops.


Young People's Empowerment Project

The Summer programme for the YPEP offered a range of activities including cinema trips, swimming, horse riding, tubing etc. The programme is aimed for young people aged 11-16.


Achieving Personal Potential Project

This Summer APP has ran a number of trips and days away to suppoert and develop relationships betwee all four north belfast APP areas. We have been to Belfast Activity Centre doing team building exercises including caving, wall climbing, vertical challenge, mountain biking and the leap of faith. we also attended Belfast City Council's Challenge Day with some of our groups and joined in with hundreds of other young people to take part in a wide range og activities.

During the summer we have also been running our Transfer Test Support sessions to help get future primary seven pupils ready for returning to school and focussing on the literacy and numeracy work they will be doing between now and the test in early November.