Health and Wellbeing Programme


Health & Wellbeing Programme at Shankill Women's Centre


The Health & Wellbeing project takes a holistic approach when addressing the health needs of the women who attend the centre. To this end we offer a wide range of programmes to address the physical, mental and emotional needs of the women who use the Centre. 


The aim of this programme is to increase women's knowledge and raise awareness around the issues that affect their health. We run a range of programmes which explore physical, mental and emotional health including healthy eating, physical activity, relaxation classes and mental health classes. 

We offer a range of activities (crochet, ceramics, jewellery making & sewing classes) which provide an opportunity for socialising to build friendships and encourage people to reconnect with their community.

To support these programmes we provide access to counselling services and complimentary therapies when appropriate. We also provide a signposting service to help women to access support for their individual needs. We aim to support women to make healthier choices in their own community. 

For more information contact Trish or Aimee on 02890240642 or alternatively via email at or