The Day The Young people Went Cool

3 November, 2011

Last week some of the young people from the App (Acieving personal Potential) project had the opportunity to work on the Cool FM media bus.


By using the Cool FM Media Bus, the Cool FM staff were able to engage with young people outside the formal classroom situation, giving them the opportunity to talk freely about issues they feel strongly about in a unique and exciting environment.



The young people had the opportunity to work with the Cool FM staff to create ideas for awareness advertisements. Due to a limited number of seats on the mini bus we gave winning participants from each group the chance to visit the Cool FM studio to record their draft ideas. The young people got to meet Pete Snodden (host of the Cool FM breakfast show) and Gareth Stewart (host of Cool FM afternoon drive show) who also presented them with their certificates for their work.

Click here fore more pictures of the young people on both days!!