13 May, 2013


The Young people from the ‘Teen Time’ group have recently be working on a cross community, cross border film project with Calipo Theatre Company. This has given the young people many experiences and opportunities including residentials and drama work shops. All their hard work and dedication has paid off, as they’ve had the chance to make a film. YPEP began filming on the 4th May and worked for 5 days up to 12 hours a day in all weather conditions. Try looking warm at the beach when its blowing a gale, needless to say the girls were brilliant and worked fantastically well with the film crew that included well known names from the film industry .



Some of the cast and crew from "Collusion"


The film called “Collusion” is a fictional story based loosely on the troubles and showcases our great Belfast sense of humour. The film premier will take place in October in Dublin and Belfast it will also tour our communities on a Cinema bus so you all will have an opportunity to come along and see it.